Mood Boost: Cacao To The Rescue!

As the darker wintery days loom, it is important to have a little pick me up at hand. There hasn’t been a lot to smile about since the pandemic, but chocolate is here to change that!Here at Mr Popple’s Chocolate, we make chocolate that doesn’t just taste great, it makes you feel great. A study done by Oxford Brookes University found that our chocolate has “significantly higher levels of antioxidants and polyphenols” than four leading brands of quality dark chocolate…

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A Bar a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Unroasted raw cacao has high amounts of theobromine and a small amount of caffeine. This will stimulate and energise you, making you feel ready for whatever life throws your way! Cacao is naturally high in theobromine. This little alkaloid helps increase energy levels and puts you in an amazing mood.

The polyphenols that are found in cacao have proven to be really effective at reducing the risk of numerous ailments you may encounter. These include cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, as well as reducing inflammatory responses throughout the body. Not to mention that polyphenols can play an important role in helping to prevent cancer!

Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine. This compound is called the “love drug”. This is because it creates a buzz inside your brain that is similar to being in love! Cacao also contains a large concentration of magnesium. This suppresses the release of the stress hormone, cortisol, helping to lower stress levels and promote a more relaxed mood. Cacao is the super-food that will put you in a super-mood!

Eating chocolate is often associated with happiness and times of celebration. It’s no secret that eating chocolate can make you feel content and calmer. It’s also perfect for a Monday morning or to cure those pesky hangovers!

The Science

Chocolate has been eaten in confectionery, used as an aphrodisiac, and also a popular choice in folk medicine for years and years. Way before science was able to prove its potential positive effects on our bodies!

The raw dark chocolate and cacao benefits are endless. They contain an amino acid called tryptophan. Your brain uses this amino acid to produce Serotonin. which can increase feelings of overall happiness. Serotonin is the feel-good chemical and influences your mood.

The polyphenols found in cocoa are anti-cancer causing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-allergenic. Really upping the anti’s! 

Our survey says…

Over 28,000 studies have been done on the health benefits of raw cacao. Thousands of which examine the link between cacao and our mental wellbeing. 

A recent study completed by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found that when you eat dark chocolate it improves your body’s ability to produce serotonin and dopamine, the happy endorphins! 

A survey and study undertaken recently discovered that people who ate dark chocolate in the past 24 hours were 70% less likely to report depression! And a Swiss study also found that eating just a mere ounce of dark chocolate every day for two weeks can significantly lessen stress hormone levels in people who have existing anxiety.

Less depressive symptoms were witnessed even with a small amount of dark chocolate. As little as 12 grams a day made all the difference. It’s a bona fide mood boost aid.

Control Those Cramps!

Okay ladies, so all of us are partial to a bar (or three!) of chocolate when it hits THAT time of the month. Well… There is a science to it!

Often, cravings are a signal from your body that you are actually deficient in whatever the food you crave is rich in. For example, when we crave chocolate, there is a really high chance that is a sign from your brain that you are deficient in magnesium.

So, why grab for chocolate, you may ask. Well, cacao is often considered to be one of the highest sources of magnesium per gram. Naturally, one would grab for chocolate, which if kept raw is bursting with magnesium! Makes, sense right?

How is all this relevant?? It’s no secret that us ladies may crave chocolate spontaneously and randomly when we reach that time of the month…

Scientifically, this makes perfect sense! This is because magnesium has been known to ease cramps. It helps by relaxing muscles in your uterus and relieves some of the symptoms associated with these horrible contractions.

A bonus of consuming chocolate at this time of the month is that it is also rich in potassium. Low potassium levels are known to promote menstrual cramping. Definitely not something we want! Chocolate contains enough potassium to help relax those uterine muscles and ease cramps, as well as tackling the horrible bloating you may feel. Cacao can really improve your mood in so many little ways that you may not even realise!

Okay okay, so these two facts may not be a direct link to boosting mood, but anyone who has gone through cramping in their life, can appreciate how much a bit of relief can improve your mood! Plus, raw chocolate tastes amazing… so, what have you got to lose?

Breaking The Mould

Forget the science for a second. Just indulging yourself and knowing that our bars are: fairly traded, organic and refined-sugar free is enough to make you smile, isn’t it? 

One of our aims is to change the perception of chocolate. It doesn’t have to be super-unhealthy or a naughty snack. With the correct formulation of ingredients and portion size, chocolate can be great for you!

Hopefully, highlighting a few of the scientifically based points made in this blog can hep you to see that our raw organic chocolate can really be an asset in combatting low mood. Cacao really is a massive help in just giving you an extra boost wherever and whenever you need it.

Our handy 35g sized bar of chocolate is the perfect size. No guilt needed, just a large boost in your mood!

Don’t believe us? Try out the mood boost magic of raw cacao at mrpopplechocolate.co.uk