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We use only the finest, organically certified ingredients in all of our chocolate bars.


We carefully select our ingredients to ensure that all our chocolate bars are dairy free and vegan friendlytop 14 allergy free (including no nuts, gluten or soya), and are refined sugar free using our ingenious sweeteners.

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All ingredients are ethically sourced, ensuring that the farmers are fairly paid.

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We never use palm oil, cheap fats, preservatives or emulsifiers.

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The cacao we use is sustainably grown using “agroforestry techniques”; this allows the cacao trees to grow inside, and thus protect their natural habitat – the Amazon Rainforest.

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Our chocolate bars are made with minimal, fully natural lists of ingredients. Every ingredient has been carefully selected with your enjoyment and your health in mind, and have been perfectly balanced in each recipe. Our Pure Peruvian chocolate bar is made from just one ingredient, and the most complex recipes – our vegan Mylk bars – have just 6 ingredients.


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Instead of using regular white, refined sugar (like most chocolate makers), we use up to two of the following unrefined INGENIOUS sweeteners in our chocolate bars:

To honour the natural properties of our cacao, we never mask it with refined sugars.

In fact, our 100% Cacao, Pure Peruvian Unsweetened chocolate bar is completely uncut, made from nothing but stone-ground unroasted Peruvian Criollo cacao.

Our sugar free dark chocolate bars are sweetened with yacon, a soft, caramel-like syrup made from the tubers of the South American yacón plant. Yacon syrup has a GI (Glycaemic Index) of just 1, making it perfect for anyone wishing to avoid the highs and lows of refined sugar.

Our refined sugar free plant based “Mylk” chocolate bars are sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, a natural molasses-like nectar made from coconut flower sap.