Lucuma Fruit

The lucuma tree grows in the Andean regions of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Though lucuma has been used medicinally for centuries by indigenous cultures in South America, it's only recently that this super food has begun to get attention from western countries.

Lucuma fruit is a sweet and creamy tasting, orange-yellow fleshed fruit that is grown in South America. In a powder form, it can be added to desserts to boost sweetness, creaminess, and nutrition. Lucuma is actually the most popular ice cream flavour in Peru.

It contains very little sugar content - making it perfect for people looking for low sugar dairy free chocolate alternatives! Not only does lucuma have a low glycemic index (meaning it won't cause drastic spikes in blood glucose levels), but also contains significant amounts of vitamin B3 or niacin, vitamin B17 or amygdalin and beta carotene.


Three Lucuma fruit, one cut in half to show the sweet yellow inside.

When ground into a powder, lucuma is extremely rich in calcium and potassium. Powdered lucuma has more nutrients and fewer calories than the fruit.

We love using Lucuma in our chocolate bar recipes due to the gorgeously smooth, creamy sweetness it adds to the chocolate, whilst reducing the amount of other sweeteners needed.

We use lucuma in our vegan, dairy free Mylk bars, to add to the creaminess of the hemp and rice mylks.

We also use it in our Signature Seventy chocolate bar, to smoothen out the bitterness of the raw organic cacao, as well as both our Euphoric Orange and Uplifting Mint bars.

For more information on the nutritional properties and benefits of lucuma fruit, please see our Science page. On this page you’ll find links to various independent scientific studies, including how Lucuma fruit is high in fibre, minerals, beta-carotene, calcium, postassium, phenolics, antioxidants and niacin.