Here at Mr.Popple’s Chocolate we aim to create the most amazingly delicious chocolate with only the finest natural, organic ingredients.

We ensure that all of the chocolate we produce is:

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Travel to Peru with us, and follow our cacao beans on their journey into our hands…

Ever wondered how we create our chocolate? We put every bit of love and care into each bar just to make sure they’re perfect for you. Each step of the way is done carefully, from sourcing the finest ingredients from Peru, to hand wrapping each individual bar. The whole process is kept below 42 degrees to retain nutrition, polyphenols and antioxidants. Follow us through our chocolate making process and watch the chocolate unwrap before your eyes…

A Farmer harvesting a cacao pod from a tree

We get our cacao from a co-op who farms it in Peru. These farmers harvest the cacao pods, and the beans are removed.

This is what the beans look like inside the freshly harvested pod. Each bean is surrounded in fruity sweet juicy pulp. They look a little different to when they’re dried and winnowed. At this stage, the beans are very bitter and astringent, but the fermenting process helps all the lovely natural chocolate flavours come to life.

A farmer opening a cacao pod to show the beans inside
The cacao beans fermenting with a temperature monitor

The cacao beans are fermented for 5 days. This gets rid of a lot of bitterness, and brings out a lot of the beans’ natural flavour.

The cacao beans are then dried in the sunshine to get rid of any water inside of them. Moisture ruins chocolate, so this is important. Good job Peru is boiling hot.

A lot of chocolate companies use roasted beans, but we use raw, unroasted beans in order to retain all of the bean’s potent natural properties. So we skip the roasting stage of a bean’s life.

A farmer drying the cacao beans in the sun
Sorting through cacao beans before the cracking and winnowing can begin

The cacao beans are then cracked and winnowed, which means that they are shelled and cracked into smaller pieces called Cacao Nibs. These are the most desirable part of the bean. Then they’re checked for pathogens, a really important step in this process.

Once they’re in our hands, we grind and conche the nibs using a stone grinder. This usually takes 40 – 60 hours, and creates the delicious looking cacao liquor. “Conche” is another funny word – it means that the cacao liquor is mixed continuously to develop our deep rich flavours, and remove the undesirable flavours of the cacao.

Pouring cacoa nibs into a grinder ready to be ground.
A small jug of yacon being poured

After that stage we carefully add our other ingredients to the cacao mixture, including our ingenious sweeteners and cacao butter. We make sure each measurement is spot on to precisely create our beautiful signature flavours.

Tempering our chocolate is important to create that lovely shine to our bars. It also ensures that it has a nice snap when you bite into it, and doesn’t melt in your hands.

We then hand mould all of our chocolate bars carefully, making sure each and every one looks perfect. Once they are cooled and are out of their moulds, we do a taste test, to make sure the flavours are perfect… hard life… we know.

Pouring tempered chocolate into the moulds
Mr Popple's Chocolate Compostable plastic free packaging up close

Once all of the necessary and important quality checks are done, we wrap our bars individually with our compostable packaging.

Then it’s over to you guys for the most important part… eating it all!

A box of Mr Popple's organic vegan chocolate bars