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Our ethically sourced cacao grows organically within the Amazon Jungle, which is its natural habitat. The cacao trees that the cacao pods are harvested from grow naturally under the canopy of the larger trees in the rainforest, so no trees are needed to be cut down in order to grow our cacao.

It is farmed by a small cooperative who use these agroforestry techniques to grow the cacao within the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest in a completely sustainable way.

A farmer cutting open a cacao pod to get the beans.

Agroforestry is the process where agricultural / horticultural crops are grown on the same land as other trees. This protects, conserves, diversifies and sustains vital environmental, human and natural resources.

We buy our cacao from a co-op who farm it in Peru. By cutting out the middlemen, we are able to pay the hard-working farmers a fair price and let them carry on growing their cacao in these sustainable ways.

As we continue to grow, our aim is to give back more to the farmers’ communities, and to the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest.

Creating the best ethical chocolate is extremely important to us and our farmers.