Here at Mr Popple’s, we create the tastiest, highest quality Peruvian chocolate that is:

Kind to the Planet

Kind to the farmers

Kind to you

“Chocolate that tastes good and does good”


Mr. Popple’s Chocolate began in 2007, when Ben Popple started to hand-make the bars as a hobby in his kitchen. He began to sell his chocolate in local health and wholefood stores, farmers markets and vegan events. Since then, Mr. Popple’s has gone nationwide, and gained fans and stockists from all different corners of the UK.

Since the beginning, our ethical and environmental principles have been at the core of everything we do. We built the business around these fundamental values and still stand by them today.

Mr Popple still maintains individually making and wrapping by hand, going from originally stamping each and every single bar with unique stamps, to completely rebranding in October 2020, giving the chocolate a fresh new look.

We continue to be amazed at how energised raw cacao* makes us feel. It inspires us to make great tasting ethical chocolate and share its uplifting qualities with the world.

*(Most people have heard of the ‘cocoa’ bean, but cacao is the ‘proper’ name for it.)

We hope you enjoy our raw chocolate as much as we do, and that its naturally delicious properties leave you feeling similarly lifted...

Group of seven Mr Popple's Chocolate bars


Ben Popple is an intrepid chocolate explorer and certified raw cacao nut. He’s been making chocolate since 2007, ever since he tried unroasted cacao for the first time. He immediately felt energised, and quickly became fascinated by the amazing benefits of the food. He, like most of us had never held a cacao bean before, and didn’t have a clue what a cacao pod looked like.

Some important research needed to be done, and after much digging around he discovered raw cacao was even more amazing than he first realised.

This was the start of Mr Popple’s Raw Chocolate.

Mr Popple is still as passionate as ever about raw cacao and is inspired every day to share its pleasures with others. The more people he can switch on to the joys of unroasted cacao, the happier he is!

Everything he does, he does to make the best chocolate possible that lifts people’s spirits and leaves the world’s resources unharmed.

His chocolate is unroasted and nutritionally potent – the rich raw cacao is complemented by other carefully selected ingredients to create uniquely uplifting bars. The bars come in plastic-free and compostable material, and are a product of fair and responsible trading.

“Long live the cacao bean!” -Ben Popple

Upclose image of Pile of cacao beans

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A Farmer holding a cacao pod over a pileof open cacao pods

We are kind to you, kind to the planet, kind to our farmers.