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Vegan Milk / Dairy Free Mylk Chocolate Bars

Our vegan and dairy-free milk chocolate bars provide an amazing taste experience, without the unethical aftertaste. Here at Mr Popple's Chocolate we pride ourselves on the ability to make tasty treats that can be enjoyed by everyone.

That's why our mylk chocolate bars are lactose-free, milk-free, glute-free and soya-free... free from the nasties, and free for all to dig into!

We use gluten free oat, rice and hemp milks as a dairy alternatives that are kinder to the animals, the planet and to your body. These milks give the chocolate an unforgettably creamy taste.

Our plant based milk chocolate may be allergen free and vegan friendly, but it's still bursting with flavour! We never skimp on taste at Mr Popple's and hope you enjoy your dairy-free chocolate journey alongside us.