Theobroma Cacao :   Food of the Gods

Cacao is the source of chocolate – the bean from the fruit of the cacao tree. The full name of this amazing food is Theobroma Cacao, which translated means the food of the gods. An extremely apt name indeed!

Chocolate has been consumed for over 3,500 years, first by the Olmec Indians, then the Mayans (from 300BC), the Aztecs (from 600AD), the Spanish (from 1500’s), the rest of Europe (from 1600’s) and now all over the world. The Olmec, Mayans and Aztecs turned the cacao beans into a drink and used it as a health elixir. Once modern Europeans started consuming chocolate, they slowly turned it from a nutritionally rich, energy giving tonic and into the unhealthy, over processed, sugar laden and fattening confectionary sold on the mass market today.

Mr Popple aims to reverse this trend by making chocolate that is once again healthy, but also tastes great; a combination of nutrition and sweetness that suites the modern western palate.

Mr Popple’s raw chocolate bars will satisfy your chocolate cravings far more effectively than traditional, roasted, sugar laden chocolate. Just one piece of Mr Popple’s raw chocolate is as satisfying as a whole bar of normal chocolate, and it has much greater stimulating effects and health benefits. It also acts as an appetite suppressant!