Coconut Sugar

We use coconut sugar in our dairy free milk chocolate bars, as it has a beautiful “brown-sugar” flavour, and gives it a satisfying golden sweetness.

This amazing sweetener is made from the sap of the coconut palm flower, and is also known as coconut blossom or coconut nectar.

Coconut sugar is a delicious, nutrient-dense coconut product that contains slightly less sucrose as regular brown or white sugars. It's made from coconut nectar and has some nutritional benefits compared to other sweeteners!


Coconut blossom growing on a palm tree

The Process:
This natural sweetener comes from coconut flower nectar or coconut blossom juice - this liquid seeps out naturally without causing damage to the coconut trees themselves.

You simply collect the juices once matured enough at around 12 hours after sunrise on sunny days during springtime (at least twice per week).

The coconut juice is then heated carefully to evaporate excess water and the coconut nectar crystallizes. This results in a delicious sugar that has an amber brown appearance.

The Good Stuff:
This coconut palm tree sweetener was first harvested more than 6000 years ago, long before the age of mass-produced processed foods.

Coconut sugar is natural and essentially comes straight from the coconut tree! It’s made from tree sap, just like maple syrup. But, a bonus of coconut sugar is that no animals are harmed in its processing!

It's loaded with essential nutrients including iron, magnesium and potassium; these minerals help support healthy brain function while also keeping our bones strong!

This maple-like sugar alternative is as satisfying as regular sugar, but with a lower Glycaemic Index.

How sweet!

Due to coconut sugar's abundance of nutrients and more ethical production, we think it makes the perfect addition to our plant-based, organic dairy free milk chocolate bars.