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Dark Organic Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars

Lover of dark chocolate? Whether it's delicately sweetened 70% chocolate, or intense and powerful 100% chocolate, we have the perfect bar just for you. All of our chocolate bars are made with the finest Peruvian Criollo cacao, packed full of the richest flavours, making our bars not only strong and complex, but beautifully flavoursome.

Our Signature Seventy bar is made with 70% raw cacao. This organic dark chocolate bar is sweetened with our unique yacon syrup, with a touch of creamy lucuma fruit, making this bar a perfect balance of dark yet sweet.

Atey Ate is perfect for for true dark chocolate admirer. This gourmet bar is a Popperly intense sweet treat, with a true dark chocolate taste.

Mr Popple's ethical artisan chocolate range isn't complete without its 100% Pure Peruvian bar. Our uncut, bold chocolate is something every chocolate connoisseur needs to try. With beautiful, intense and strong flavours, this 100% pure raw chocolate bar is perfect for those who want to try new and unique food experiences.

Whatever suits you, here at Mr Popple's, the perfect dark chocolate can be found here. Whether for you or a loved one, these bars are the perfect gift for dark chocolate lovers.