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Non-Dairy Mylks

Vegan / Dairy-Free Mylks

We use creamy hemp and rice milks to make our “mylk” chocolate bars silky smooth and deliciously dairy-free. Like all of our chocolate bars, the Creamy Mylk and the Dark Mylk bars are 100% vegan and top 14 allergen free.

The blend of hemp and rice mylks add a delicious creamy and slightly nutty flavour, as well as a perfect truffle-like seductiveness, to compliment the golden sweetness of the coconut sugar we add to our Mylk Chocolate bars.

Our “Creamy Mylk” chocolate bar is the sweetest in the range, with 42% cacao. Our “Dark Mylk” chocolate bar is the ideal gap between the Creamy Mylk and Signature Seventy, and is the best of both worlds – sweet and creamy like a milk chocolate bar, yet rich and complex like a dark chocolate bar.

Hemp Milk

Hemp seeds taste a bit like a cross between sunflower seeds and pine nuts, which means that hemp milk has delicious light and nutty flavour.

*Hemp milk is highly nutritious and loaded with proteins and healthy fats.

A jug of vegan rice mylk next to. pile of vegan mylk chocolate and hemp seeds.