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DARK MYLK – Plant-Based, Dairy Free Vegan Dark Milk Chocolate Bar – 35g

(6 customer reviews)


“Hemp and rice “mylks” add a little creamy magic to my 61% raw Peruvian Criollo cacao bar, with coconut sugar giving it a golden sweetness. Milky-dark and deliciously dairy-free plant based dark mylk chocolate.”

Cocoa solids: 61% minimum
Organic, Vegan, Handmade, Ethically Traded & Sustainably Grown.
For the good of the planet, our packaging is Plastic Free & Fully Compostable


Mr. Popple’s Plant-based Dark Milk Chocolate is made with a combination of hemp and rice milks to add one more layer of delicious taste.

Our dairy free milk chocolate made with hemp seeds and rice is temptingly delicious and doesn’t cost the Earth!

Plant-based milks are a great choice as they don’t harm animals, and they reduce our carbon footprint by using sustainable farming practices. Plus, they taste so good!

Dark Mylk is the gateway chocolate bar, once you’ve delved into the darker side of chocolate, you’ll want to explore our even darker varieties.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of dark chocolate, Dark Mylk is a great way to just dip your toes in and immerse yourself in the rich and smooth flavours of cacao.

Ingredients (all organic): raw cacao, cacao butter, coconut blossom sugar, brown rice flour, hemp seeds, lucuma fruit powder

Nutrition Information (per 100g): Energy 2578KJ / 622Kcal, Fat 52.0g (of which saturates 28.2g), Carbohydrates 26.1g (of which sugars 17.8g), Fibre 7.8g, Protein 8.6g, Salt 0.1g

Allergy Information:
Dairy free ✔ Gluten free ✔ Soya free ✔
No nuts ✔ No palm oil ✔ No cane sugar ✔

6 reviews for DARK MYLK – Plant-Based, Dairy Free Vegan Dark Milk Chocolate Bar – 35g

  1. Charlotte Warburton

    The best raw chocolate you can find. Ben puts so much effort into ensuring this chocolate is not only delicious but good for you too. I know – sounds like magic?! That’s because it is

  2. Channah

    Mr popples is one of my favourite chocolate! Awesome flavours, not too sweet, great box package – (so u can put the chocolate back and finish later!) very good quality- love love love! Highly recommend!

  3. Melissa Speed

    Without a doubt the best chocolate available. Delicate textures and sensational flavours. I’ve tried so much chocolate from around the world, but nothing comes close to Mr Popples.

  4. Kathryn Rosenberg

    This chocolate is AMAZING! Super smooth and tastes delicious. This raw chocolate is as healthy as it gets plus its vegan and the packaging is environmentally friendly so you can indulge without the guilt. Oh, and if that’s not enough reason to support Ben, the guy behind Mr Popple’s, then consider this – less than 24 hours after I placed my order online, I was taking my first taste. Customer service doesn’t get much better than that!

  5. danielle

    My favourite flavour! Recommend to anyone who loves chocolate 🙂

  6. KC

    Dairy free ,Gluten free ,Soya free,
    No nuts, No palm oil , No cane sugar it really is a chocolate that anyone can enjoy.

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