The Convenience of Letterbox Chocolate

Have you ever found yourself craving a delicious chocolate bar, put you are put off by the inconvenience of having to wait in for the delivery? Well, my friends, those days are over!

Introducing the concept of letterbox chocolate – a delightful indulgence that can be delivered straight through your door, no matter where you are.

Whenever you order from our website, the chocolate bars will be sent out in our discreet letterbox-friendly chocolate bar delivery boxes.

At Mr Popple’s Chocolate, we’ve been crafting organic chocolate bars since 2007, and we understand the importance of convenience in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why we’ve designed the postal packaging for out chocolate bars to fit snugly through your letterbox, ensuring that you can indulge in our tasty treats without the hassle of being home to receive a delivery.

The benefits of letterbox chocolate go far beyond mere convenience. Imagine you or a loved one returning home after a long day to find a box of beautifully packaged chocolate bars waiting for you, ready to be savoured and enjoyed at leisure. It’s a small luxury that can transform an ordinary moment into a truly indulgent experience.

Letterbox Chocolate bars

View our guide to how many large 75g bars and / or small 35g bars you can fit into one of our letterbox friendly delivery boxes.

So, what makes letterbox chocolate so special? We’ve compiled a list of the reasons and situations when sending chocolate bars in a box that fits through a letterbox makes sense:

Convenience at Its Finest

  • No need to wait at home for a delivery
  • Ideal for busy professionals who aren’t often at home during the day
  • Convenient for those living in apartments with no secure delivery area
  • No need to collect missed deliveries from a depot or arrange redelivery
  • Can order chocolate to enjoy over the weekend without having to wait in on a weekday
  • Fits easily through letterboxes, so no bulky packages left outside the front door
  • Convenient if you want to send a small gift or treat to yourself at work


  • Perfect for sending surprise gifts to friends and family
  • Ideal for last-minute gift purchases as no need to ensure recipient is home
  • Great for sending thank-you, congratulations or thinking-of-you gifts
  • Can send chocolates to multiple recipients without worrying about delivery
  • Suitable for sending small birthday or anniversary presents
  • Can include a personalized handwritten gift message on the packing slip
  • Can send chocolates as a housewarming present without arranging delivery with the recipient
  • Ideal for sending get well soon gifts to those recovering at home
  • Perfect for sending a tasty care package to students living away from home
  • Can order chocolate as a surprise gift without worrying about the recipient being home
  • Suitable for sending chocolates to a new neighbour as a welcoming gift
  • Ideal for sending chocolates to a friend who has recently moved house

Occasions & Holidays

  • Great for sending Valentine’s Day chocolates to a loved one
  • Can send Mother’s Day and Father’s Day treats without ruining the surprise
  • Ideal for sending Easter or Halloween chocolate bars to friends and family
  • Can send Christmas chocolate bars early without them sitting outside in the cold
  • Perfect for sending Diwali sweets and Eid gifts
  • Suitable for sending Hanukkah gelt and treats
  • Can send healthy chocolate bars to start New Year on the right foot
  • Great for sending treats over long holiday weekends


  • Discreet packaging means no one will know you’re receiving chocolate
  • Can order chocolate without judgment from family or housemates
  • Suitable for sending discreet gifts to a partner or crush
  • No embarrassing large packages or labels giving away the contents
  • Can send a small treat to a dieting friend without anyone else knowing


  • Enables those with limited mobility to receive chocolate deliveries with ease
  • Ideal for older relatives who may struggle to answer the door quickly
  • Suitable for those with anxiety or agoraphobia who find answering the door stressful
  • Enables those with disabilities to receive gifts without having to arrange accessible delivery
  • Can send chocolate to those in assisted living facilities or care homes
  • Allows those with chronic illnesses to receive treats on difficult days


  • Letterbox-friendly packaging reduces the need for bulky outer packaging
  • All of our packaging is 100% plastic free and is certified home compostable
  • Fewer missed deliveries means fewer carbon emissions from redelivery attempts
  • Compact packaging takes up less space in delivery vans, reducing overall deliveries needed
  • Encourages people to send smaller, more thoughtful gifts rather than excessive packages


  • No risk of chocolate melting or spoiling if left outside in hot weather
  • Eliminates the risk of packages being stolen from doorsteps
  • Ideal for those living in high-crime areas where package theft is common
  • Suitable for sending gifts to those living in shared houses where packages may go missing
  • No need to share tracking information or delivery details with recipients

Travel & Accommodation

  • Can send a taste of home to expats living abroad
  • Ideal for sending treats to friends and family on holiday within the UK
  • Suitable for sending chocolates to those staying in hotels or Airbnbs
  • Can send chocolates to a friend’s workplace if they’re travelling for business
  • Great for sending chocolates to students living in university halls

Subscriptions & Loyalty

  • Allows for hassle-free monthly chocolate subscriptions
  • Encourages repeat purchases as delivery is convenient and reliable
  • Offers an easy way for businesses to send corporate gifts or employee rewards

Dietary Choices and Needs Catered to by Mr Popple’s Letterbox-Friendly Chocolate Bars

  • Vegan: Surprise your vegan friends with a thoughtful gift of our 100% plant-based chocolate bars, conveniently delivered through their letterbox.
  • Dairy-Free: Know someone avoiding dairy? Our letterbox-friendly chocolate bars are perfect for sending a delicious, creamy treat without the need for dairy.
  • Gluten-Free: If you or a loved one follow a gluten-free diet, our chocolate bars made with gluten-free oat and rice flours are a delightful surprise to find in your letterbox.
  • Nut-Free: Send a worry-free treat to those with nut allergies – our letterbox chocolate is made in a dedicated nut-free environment (although please note that some ingredients come from suppliers who also handle nuts).
  • Soy-Free: Surprise soy-free friends or family with a special delivery of our soy-free chocolate bars, fitting perfectly through their letterbox.
  • Palm Oil-Free: Gift an eco-conscious chocolate lover our palm oil-free bars, conveniently delivered in letterbox-friendly packaging.
  • Sugar-Free Chocolate: Know someone watching their sugar intake? Surprise them with our chocolate bars sweetened with natural alternatives like yacon syrup and coconut sugar, delivered right to their door.
  • Allergen-Free: Send a delightful, allergen-free chocolate surprise to your friends or family with food sensitivities – our bars are free from the top 14 allergens and fit right through the letterbox.
  • Keto-Friendly: Surprise your keto-following friends with a letterbox delivery of our low-GI, yacon-sweetened chocolate bars they can enjoy in moderation.
  • Paleo-Friendly: Know a paleo enthusiast? Our dairy-free, soy-free, and grain-free chocolate bars make a perfect letterbox-sized treat.
  • Diabetic-Friendly: Brighten a diabetic friend’s day with a surprise letterbox delivery of our low-GI, yacon-sweetened chocolate that won’t spike their blood sugar.
  • Low FODMAP: If you or someone you know follows a low FODMAP diet, receiving our naturally low FODMAP chocolate bars through the letterbox is a delightful surprise.
  • Kosher: Surprise your kosher-keeping friends or family with a letterbox delivery of our certified kosher chocolate bars.
  • Organic: Send a thoughtful, organic treat to your health-conscious loved ones with our certified organic chocolate bars, conveniently delivered through their letterbox

As you can see, there are so many reasons for choosing our letterbox friendly chocolate bar deliveries – and possibly even more that we haven’t thought of yet!