Organic Peruvian Chocolate Bars

Our collection of Peruvian Chocolate Bars is a true celebration of Peruvian ingredients, with almost all components of our bars sourced from the vibrant South American country of Peru.

The heart of each bar is the rare and prized Peruvian Criollo cacao bean, known for its rich, complex flavour profile with notes of citrus, nuts, caramel, and red fruits. These beans are ethically sourced from a cooperative of farmers in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, where they are cultivated using sustainable agroforestry techniques that preserve the delicate ecosystem. In addition to the exceptional cacao,

We incorporate other unique Peruvian ingredients to enhance the flavour and nutritional value of our bars. Yacon syrup, derived from the Peruvian yacon plant, is used as a low-glycemic sweetener that adds a subtle caramel note without overwhelming the cacao's inherent depth. Lucuma fruit, another Peruvian superfood, lends a delicate creaminess to the texture of the bars while providing a boost of antioxidants and fibre. The Amarillo Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar showcases yet another Peruvian ingredient – the vibrant Amarillo chilli. This unique chilli variety adds a perfectly balanced heat and bright citrus notes to the rich, earthy cacao, creating a captivating fusion of flavors that includes hints of dark cherry, raisin, and raspberry.

By sourcing the majority of their ingredients from Peru, we not only ensure the highest quality and flavour but also support local farmers and communities. We ensure the Peruvian farmers are paid fair prices for their exceptional produce and promote sustainable farming practices that protect the environment.

Through our commitment to using Peruvian ingredients, We create chocolate bars that are a true taste of Peru, offering a delicious and ethical indulgence for chocolate lovers worldwide.

Peru is one of the best regions for sourcing cacao and producing high-quality chocolate for several reasons:

1) Peru is responsible for 36% of the world's cacao production, with 75% of its production being organic cocoa. 60% of worldwide cacao varieties are native to Peru.

2) Peru has around 12 major growing regions for cacao and is one of the world's most biologically diverse countries. This diversity results in unique flavours from region to region.

3) Peru mostly produces fine or flavour cocoa beans, with 75% of its beans considered "fine" according to the International Cocoa Organisation. In comparison, only 1% of Indonesia's cocoa is considered "fine".

4) Peruvian chocolate has won numerous awards, including gold medals at the International Chocolate Awards. In 2017, Cacao Shattell from Lima won Best Chocolate in the World.

5) Peru is home to the rare Pure Nacional cacao tree, rediscovered in Marañón Canyon. It produces non-bitter, fruity-flavoured beans.
Peruvian Criollo cacao has a unique flavour profile, less bitter with delicate fruit, nut, and floral notes.

In summary, Peru's diverse geography, native cacao varieties, focus on organic and fine flavour beans, and the presence of rare strains like Pure Nacional and Criollo make it a premier region for exceptional cacao and award-winning chocolate.