Veganuary! A New Way To Start Your Year

Okay, so maybe the phrase ‘new year, new me’ has had its day. Most of us can’t seem to stick to those pesky New Years resolutions. But, how about you start off the New Year with something that’s… well…new?!

Veganuary is an up and coming event that sees people try out the basics of veganism for the whole month of January. This gives people the perfect chance to try something fresh and exciting, whilst also giving yourself a challenge – and staying healthy! It’s a great way to have a taster of the vegan way of life and to reduce your consumption of animal based products – being kinder to yourself AND the world around you.

Let’s explore the recent phenomenon that is Veganuary – and read to the end for a little veganuary gift from us to you – just to help you kick start your journey!

Something New:

Veganuary is an amazing opportunity to try out the vegan lifestyle and to be more conscious of what you’re putting into your body. The amount of food you consume on a daily basis that contains traces of animal produce might actually come as a little bit of a shock.

The organisers of Veganuary have defined the challenge as: “Participants aim to only eat vegan food and also not to buy any non-vegan clothes, cosmetics or other items during the month.”

Vegans don’t consume any products or ingredients derived from or produced by animals. This includes anything from milk, eggs, butter and cheeses. This also applies to even less obvious foods, like honey, that people don’t even think of! Gelatine is a common setting agent that makes its way into a lot of products (like jelly!). It is mostly derived from collagens found in cows and pigs. Another common ingredient, mostly found in baking, is carmine. Also known as cochineal, insects from South America that thrive upon native cacti. Shockingly, these insects are present in most food colourings, making these a definite no no for anyone embracing the vegan way of life.

After looking in depth at just TWO commonly occurring ingredients, it’s easy to see why it’s super important to pay attention to what’s in your food! Especially when respecting the ethics of veganism.

Our Vegan Milk Chocolate

There’s no better than time than Veganuary to give our vegan dairy free chocolate a try! It is completely free of any dairy or animal produce, making it the perfect pick me up that’s ethical AND super tasty. It’s also Veganuary friendly!

We handcraft all of our bars in the heart of the UK. All of us at Mr Popple’s Chocolate believe that good chocolate shouldn’t cost the Earth. Ethically conscious and delicious chocolate is what we deal in!

Our milk free chocolate is carefully crafted with hemp and rice milks to enrich the chocolate with a beautifully nutty and creamy taste. The bars are nut free and gluten free, making it friendly to most palates! Our kitchen is completely free of nuts, to avoid any allergens spoiling your chocolate experience. It is our goal to make inclusive chocolate that tastes good and does good.

The Aim:

When all is said and done, Veganuary was started as a way to inspire and encourage people to learn about the ways of veganism. So, any attempt at Veganuary and any attempts to further your knowledge about the vegan lifestyle is greatly appreciated by the organisers of Veganuary. This promotion of veganism is meant to be fun and challenging! So, no matter how far you get with Veganuary, be proud that you tried and respected veganism and hopefully had a great time doing so!

Just starting to be more conscious of what you’re putting into your body and reducing your consumption of animal based products is a massive win.

All of us at Mr Popple’s Chocolate hope that you’re up for the challenge and have an absolute blast whilst getting out of your comfort zone. Veganuary is the perfect time to test your limits and try out some wonderful new foods!

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