The Plastic Free Future of Packaging: Why Compostable is the Way Forward

We live in a world where plastic is everywhere. It’s not just the packaging that we buy, it’s also what we use at home and in our daily lives. Plastic has become so ingrained in our culture that many people don’t even think about its life cycle or how harmful it can be, to both humans and the environment. The compostable future of packing is here though, meaning that you no longer have to sacrifice your eco-friendly values for convenience! All of our packaging is 100% plastic free.

No More Plastic Please! Let’s Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Plastic free compostable packaging is the most important way to reduce our impact on plastic in society. It keeps food fresh, reduces costs and has a positive effect on the environment. The compostable nature of these materials can reduce energy usage by avoiding recycling or incineration processes which are both harmful to the planet.

Compostable packaging has many benefits including the fact that it can be made from renewable resources and up-cycled into compost after use, unlike plastic which just becomes waste for landfill or worse still pollution in our oceans.

In addition, compostable means no chemical residue or contamination to compost, unlike plastic which can leach chemicals into compost making it unusable. Finally using compostable packaging is much better for the environment in general because of how quickly they break down and do not cause littering problems like plastic does. Compostable ‘plastic’ is an alternative to petroleum-based plastics that can be disposed without harming either humans or ecosystems. These materials are made from renewable resources such as corn starch, vegetable oil, compost and even plant-based packaging. Ours is made from wood pulp.

The rise of compostable packaging has been one of the most important developments in packaging over the past decade.

Give Nature A Helping Hand

Compostable packaging is the way forward in the battle against plastic waste. As our oceans are filling up with plastic, compostable packaging offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics.

Compostable packaging are good because composting uses less energy than recycling and compostable plastic breaks down without leaving toxic residue behind, unlike traditional plastics which pollute soil and water sources when recycled or discarded.

The Vicious Cycle of Plastic

Compostable packaging has been around for a few years but composting facilities have not increased at the same rate as plastic production so it can still be difficult to compost our compostable packaging.

This means that the only option is plastic recycling which still has its problems, plastics are not all collected together and end up contaminating each other in landfill (which makes them harder to recycle), or they can’t even get recycled because of contamination by food waste or foreign objects like elastic bands.

Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Packaging

The compostable packaging industry has made huge leaps and bounds over the past decade, but it still hasn’t reached mainstream adoption. Compostable plastic is one of the most sustainable forms of packaging there is because not only does it break down completely in compost piles or composting facilities, which reduces landfill waste immensely; it also acts as a compost itself in the process, providing rich soil and nutrients when it is broken down.

Compostable plastic has huge advantages over traditional plastics because not only can it be composted along with organic waste to help produce nutrient-rich compost that’s used for agricultural purposes such as growing healthy fruits and vegetables; but also by composting compostable plastic we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and methane by up to 70%.

Our packaging hosts the perfect gift for that special eco-conscious person in your life. You can rest assured that they are getting a unique gift that is also considerate to the planet, all straight to their letterbox!

Our Promise

Here at Mr Popple’s Chocolate, we always use 100% plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging options that are made from sustainable sources. Even the tape we use on our parcels is made from paper and secured with a simple water solution! We believe that chocolate should be made without compromising the health of both you and our planet.

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