The Plastic Free Future of Chocolate Bar Packaging

Why Plastic-Free Packaging is the Way Forward for Ethical Chocolate

In today’s world, plastic seems to be everywhere. From the packaging we buy to the items we use at home and in our daily lives, plastic has become deeply ingrained in our culture. Many people don’t even consider the life cycle of plastic or the harm it can cause to both humans and the environment.

However, the future of packaging is moving towards plastic-free solutions, allowing you to maintain your eco-friendly values without sacrificing convenience. At Mr Popple’s Chocolate, all of our packaging is 100% free from plastic, and has been ever since we started wrapping chocolate bars in 2008.

Understanding Types of Plastic Free Packaging

It’s crucial to understand the difference between compostable and biodegradable packaging. A common misconception is that all “compostable” materials can be composted at home, when in reality, they may require more specialized conditions to break down effectively.

We use Natureflex to wrap our bars, which is not only plastic free, but is certified home compostable.

Most items can be labeled as biodegradable, as there is no time limit on when these materials will decompose. They can be made from any material, whereas compostable products are derived from organic and non-toxic matter. Compostable materials do not release toxins as they decompose, unlike most biodegradable materials.

No More Plastic Please! Let’s Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

The most important way to reduce our impact on plastic in society is through the use of packaging that is free from plastic. This type of packaging can still keep food fresh, but also has a positive effect on the environment. The plastic-free nature of these materials can reduce energy usage by avoiding recycling or incineration processes, which are both harmful to the planet.

Packaging without plastic offers many benefits, including the fact that it can be made from renewable resources and upcycled into compost after use – unlike plastic, which becomes waste in landfills or pollutes our oceans, plastic-free materials require less carbon to produce and leave a lighter footprint on the Earth.

Moreover, packaging that is free from plastic means no chemical residue or contamination to the environment. In contrast, plastic can leach chemicals into soil and water, making them unusable. Finally, using packaging without plastic is much better for the environment in general because it doesn’t cause littering problems like plastic does.

Packaging that is free from plastic is an alternative to petroleum-based plastics that can be disposed of without harming humans or ecosystems. These materials are made from renewable resources such as paper, cardboard, and even plant-based materials. The rise of plastic-free packaging has been one of the most important developments in packaging over the past decade.

Give Nature A Helping Hand

In the battle against plastic waste, packaging that is free from plastic is the way forward. As our oceans fill up with plastic, plastic-free packaging offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. Packaging without plastic is beneficial because it uses less energy than recycling and breaks down without leaving toxic residue behind. In contrast, traditional plastics pollute soil and water sources when recycled or discarded. The end-of-life process for materials that are free from plastic is kinder to the planet and doesn’t have a long-lasting negative impact on Mother Nature.

NatureFlex: Our Plastic-Free Solution

Good news! Our NatureFlex packaging is plastic-free and can be composted at home, benefiting your garden while our bars benefit your body. It’s a win-win all around.

NatureFlex is 100% biodegradable AND compostable. It’s made from wood pulp, yes really! The magicians at NatureFlex found a way to create clear and sustainable packaging from renewable sources. Pretty cool, we know. This environmentally supportive packaging is kinder to the planet. Unlike other packaging that may take many years to decompose, NatureFlex can break down in just six months!

At Mr Popple’s Chocolate, we’re passionate about protecting our planet. That’s why every element of our packaging is plastic-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Our chocolate makes for a great gift for that eco-conscious person in your life. Who doesn’t want ethical chocolate that tastes good and does good?! It fits comfortably through letterboxes and is sure to put a smile on their face!

The Vicious Cycle of Plastic

While plastic-free packaging has been around for a few years, recycling facilities have not increased at the same rate as plastic production, making it difficult to recycle plastic packaging. This means that the only option is often plastic recycling, which still has its problems. Plastics are not all collected together and end up contaminating each other in landfills (making them harder to recycle), or they can’t even get recycled because of contamination by food waste or foreign objects like elastic bands.

Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Packaging

The plastic-free packaging industry has made huge leaps and bounds over the past decade, but it still hasn’t reached mainstream adoption. Packaging that is free from plastic is one of the most sustainable forms of packaging because it breaks down completely in the environment, reducing landfill waste immensely. It also acts as a nutrient source itself in the process, providing rich soil when it decomposes.

Packaging without plastic has huge advantages over traditional plastics. Not only can it be composted along with organic waste to help produce nutrient-rich compost for agricultural purposes such as growing healthy fruits and vegetables, but by using plastic-free packaging, we can also significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and methane.

Our packaging hosts the perfect gift for that special eco-conscious person in your life. You can rest assured that they are getting a unique gift that is also considerate to the planet, all delivered straight to their letterbox!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Here at Mr Popple’s Chocolate, we always use 100% plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging options that are made from sustainable sources. Even the tape we use on our parcels is made from paper and secured with a simple water solution. We believe that chocolate should be made without compromising the health of both you AND our planet.

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