Holy Cow! Dairy-Free Chocolate

If you live a dairy free lifestyle, are lactose intolerant or simply just want to eat healthier, then dairy free chocolate is probably your best bet. Dairy free chocolate bars come in many different forms including dark, milk-free and so many unique flavours!

Here at Mr Popple’s Chocolate our products are dairy free and lactose intolerant friendly. Together, we shall explore some of the benefits dairy free chocolate has to offer those with dairy allergies or those living dairy-free lifestyles.

It’s Legen-dairy (free)!

Dairy free chocolate is a dairy-free substitute for regular milk or dark chocolates. Milk and dairy products are chosen by many people because of their perceived nutritional value, but not everyone can consume it due to dietary restrictions.

A big benefit of our dark chocolate varieties is that not only do they not contain milk, they don’t include any sugar. As a result, they don’t cause your blood sugar levels to rise drastically like milk based chocolate would! Instead of regular sugar, our raw organic chocolate is exclusively sweetened with yacon syrup. Yacon is known for its notoriously low glycaemic index (just 1!), which helps to manage your blood sugar levels.

This characteristic makes dairy free chocolate ideal for diabetics and those with high cholesterol who may be concerned about their cardiovascular health.

Have you HERD about our dairy-free chocolate?

One of the main benefits of our dairy free chocolate has to offer is it’s milk free! It sounds silly, but milk can be a limiting factor for many people.

Many people believe that dairy-free or lactose intolerant friendly food options are difficult to find but this isn’t true at all – there are many stores selling vegan or dairy-free products including Mr Popple’s Chocolate!

Another benefit dairy free chocolate has is that it often contains more cacao than milk based chocolate. Cacao actually comes from a tree and is one of the main ingredients in making dark chocolate bars.

Although dairy free chocolate may seem like an obscure food item, chocolate originated being dairy free. The well know dairy milk bars out there now aren’t as they used to be, with milk powders been added over time. There are actually several benefits to using hemp and rice milks as a replacement to the milk powders and products when making chocolate.

At Mr Popple’s Chocolate, we think the blend of rice and hemp milks used in our chocolate bars not only caters to a limited palate and lifestyle, but also gives the bars an amazingly creamy and nutty taste, even with added nutrients.

The most important benefit that these alternative ingredients provide is the fact that they do not contain lactose. This means those who have a lactose intolerance will be able to enjoy them without any side effects! In addition, they add different flavours so each batch is unique depending on what type of milk was used instead of dairy.

Something For Everyone

There is no need to worry about not being able to eat what everyone else gets because now you have an option! Whether you follow a restrictive diet due to allergies or personal choice, dairy free chocolate will allow you all of the same indulgences without compromising your health.

If you’re looking for a tasty treat that doesn’t contain any dairy or lactose then check out Mr Popple’s range of chocolates today!