Don’t Pay The Price For Choosing Cheaper Chocolate!

You may be thinking, “why should I pay more for chocolate?” Admittedly, artisanal and gourmet chocolate bars aren’t cheap. And we don’t want them to be! These high quality chocolate bars take time and dedication to make. They require skill and passion from the people who produce them. Our Peruvian chocolate bars are handcrafted with the best ingredients and made with YOU in mind.

If you were to buy a pair of shoes, there is an understanding that cheaper shoes aren’t going to be as comfy, well-made or beneficial. This mind-set is also important when it comes to chocolate. You can buy cheaper chocolate bar full of refined sugar and cheap added fats – maybe it will make you feel good for a few minutes before the sugar crash. Maybe it doesn’t taste as good as high quality chocolate. Or, you can invest in a chocolate bar that will be more beneficial to your body, as well as providing you with a more enjoyable taste experience.

Don’t end up in a sugar slump, energise your body with the power of raw cacao!

Money Matters

Money talks, and notoriously, makes the world go round. Which is why we understand the need that consumers have to sometimes skimp on their spending habits. However, it isn’t just quality that inevitably suffers when the products you purchase cut corners.

The price of chocolate bars often reflects the price that the cacao farmers are paid too. Look out for companies that ensure their ingredients are fairly traded – this is an indicator that the people who grow the cacao that goes into the chocolate were paid fairly for what they have produced.

It was reported that the chocolate industry is worth a whopping £3.96 billion (Mintel 2012). For all of us at Mr Popple’s Chocolate it is really important that every link in the chain benefits from the production of chocolate. This is especially true of cacao farmers, who often don’t even know the true value of their cacao and are often duped by large companies. This is why fairly traded products are really important!

Why Should I Pay More?

Cheaper chocolate bars are often NOT fairly traded and there are a number of ethical issues that occur as a consequence of trying to produce chocolate as cheaply as possible. Slavery and exploitation are unfortunately a sad reality for many workers in the cacao and chocolate industries. Some farmers fall victim and have to introduce slave labour. This is because they are not being paid fairly for their cacao. These farmers are often left with the difficult choice of resorting to slave labour or letting their business fail. Unfavourable and unethical options are a last resort, if their business fails, they cannot afford to feed their families. It is a vicious cycle that many sadly fall victim to.

There needs to be options available to farmers, so that they can avoid having to turn to slave labour to survive.

This is why it is SUPER important to buy into fairly traded produce. It may be slightly extra to invest in a fairly traded chocolate bar, but you can rest easy knowing that you are helping to keep bad practices at bay and help communities positively flourish. It may only be extra pennies or pounds to you, but to workers in the industry, it literally means the world to them!

In paying extra you are helping people in the cacao and chocolate industries avoid the all too real horrors of modern slavery. Every penny paves the way to a brighter and happier future!

Some things are worth paying extra for.

Why is Peruvian chocolate pricier?

Peru is famous for its cacao plantations which means we have access to some of the finest cocoa beans around. We want every bar of chocolate from Mr Popple’s Chocolate to meet your expectations so we’ll take whatever measures necessary to guarantee this!

Expensive? Or A Tasty Investment

Artisans need to work with the highest quality ingredients available for them to produce their finest products. This high quality product doesn’t come cheap because these items require extra attention and dedication from multiple people involved in its creation process. Not only that but our gourmet Peruvian chocolate bars also have no artificial additives or preservatives; their organic status makes them better for your body!

Artisan chocolate bars also need a lot of time and love to create, not like chocolate made in large factories where they make tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands every day. Our chocolate is more expensive because it takes much longer to make and involves many different people’s help along the way; we want our artisan Peruvian chocolate bars to be as fresh as possible for you! We handcraft each and every bar that only used the finest ingredients. We then make sure all bars are perfect by doing quality checks, before packaging them into the colourful but sustainable packaging.

Why does any of this even matter?

It matters because you deserve nothing less than the very best! Gourmet chocolate bars have been around for a very long time. They’ve been fine-tuned over the years to be the most delicious they can possibly be. Chocolatiers wouldn’t spend so much of their time on a product unless it was worth it – that’s why we don’t settle for anything less than perfection when making our chocolate bars at Mr Popple’s Chocolate! There is nothing more important to us than your happiness, which is why all of our artisan chocolate bars are made with love from beginning to end. If you get your hands on one of our bars you’ll know right away how special each one really is, this is because there will always be something different about them compared to other brands out there. Whether this is the quality of our bars or our ever present ethical approach to making chocolate.

Artistry comes through in every piece – making each bar unique and special to its maker while still upholding a standard of quality that ensures the consumer’s satisfaction. Here at Mr Popple’s Chocolate we understand that not all cacao is created equal. We are a company that is dedicated to handcrafting chocolate that tastes good AND does good!

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