Yacon Syrup – The Low GI, Low Calorie, Prebiotic Natural Sweetener

Mr Popple’s Chocolate Is now sweetened exclusively with Yacon Syrup – the only chocolate to do so in the UK, raw or otherwise. As well as tasting great, Yacon Syrup has several important health benefits, which Mr Popple believes makes it the healthiest, yet best tasting sweetener available for adding to raw chocolate.

1. Low calories – 1/3 the calories of table sugar

2. Low Glycaemic Index – Glycaemic Index, or GI, is a measure of how quickly a food makes blood sugar levels rise and fall. With a GI of just 1, Yacon Syrup is the lowest GI natural syrup, and barely has any effect on blood sugar levels. To put that into contrast, table sugar has a GI of 65, Maple Syrup has a GI of 54, coconut sugar / nectar has 35, Brown Rice Syrup 25, and Agave syrup has a GI of 15 (but is very high in fructose)

3. Natural – Yacon Syrup is made from Yacon tuber which originates from Peru – although it can be grown in many countries (Mr Popple grows it on his allotment in Staffordshire!)

4. Prebiotic – The sweetness in Yacon Syrup comes from Fructooligosaccharide (or FOS for short). The body treats FOS as a soluble fiber, and does not fully absorb it (hence the low calories and low GI). Not only does FOS provide beneficial bulk helping the movement of waste through the intestine, but it also promotes the fermentation of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

5. Tastes great – Yacon tubers taste a bit like an apple, pear or starfruit – in fact it is sometimes called the Peruvian Ground Apple. It can be eaten raw, and the texture is crunchy like a water chestnut. Yacon Syrup has a rich, sweet flavour, a bit like molasses or figs. Mr Popple finds that the flavour has an excellent synergy with the raw cacao he uses to make his raw chocolate bars.

For more info please see the following articles and scientific research papers:

Research Gate: Andean Yacon Root ( Smallanthus sonchifolius Poepp. Endl) Fructooligosaccharides as a Potential Novel Source of Prebiotics

Clinical Nutrition Journal: Yacon syrup: Beneficial effects on obesity and insulin resistance in humans

Yacon: Sweet Superfood (trialling yacon as a UK crop on Lower Pertwood Farm)

Press release from Alara Wholefoods – the first company in Europe to bring to the market a new superfood sweetener Yacon, providing a new dietary solution in the fight against obesity and diabetes.