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Simply The Best! Premium & Luxury Chocolate

We can’t get enough of chocolate and we find ourselves eating it more often than not. But did you know that there are different kinds? There’s regular mass-produced chocolate and then there is luxury and premium chocolates, like ours.

There’s something about gourmet chocolate that just feels right. It has a certain decadence to it. A luxury that is unmatched by other sweet treats.

What is meant by ‘gourmet’, ‘premium’ and ‘luxury’ chocolates?

Gourmet chocolate is the fancy version of your typical chocolate bar. It has a higher percentage cocoa than other types of chocolates and contains purer ingredients. This results in unparalleled taste that you’re not going to get from any old chocolate bar. What gourmet chocolate has that other types of chocolates don’t have is gourmet ingredients. These are added to create gourmet flavours, textures, and tastes that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

It’s usually made by hand, which can take a lot longer than other types of chocolate bars. This is because it requires more time to make, there are fewer producers that create gourmet chocolate compared to the large number of companies who produce standard chocolates. This results in limited supply and high demand, which is why it’s sometimes worth paying a higher amount for gourmet high quality chocolate.

Luxury chocolate is made by hand in small batches due to the time required in production. The ingredients used are usually higher quality than regular chocolates and don’t require preservatives, in order to last longer. Gourmet chocolates have an unmistakably luxurious taste because of the unique ingredients used and the flavours they create. These kinds of chocolate are usually made by small companies, since it takes so much time to make.

Handcrafted with care by expert hands!

How Is Premium Or Luxury Chocolate Different?

Chocolate today goes far beyond just being another sweet treat. It’s an experience that many are willing to spend hundreds of pounds on per year in order to indulge their palettes with rich and luxurious chocolate.

Chocolatiers have begun venturing into the world of fine arts, as they sculpt and design their chocolate bars into an art-form. Many of these chocolatiers have even won awards for the work that has gone into creating a piece of edible art.

Premium chocolate is full of subtle flavour notes that can’t be found in traditional chocolate bars. The ingredients that are used to make these bars often come from the world’s most exotic locations, adding an element of luxury into each bar.

Luxury chocolates include a number of different flavours and textures that all work together to create something truly unique in taste and appearance. Premium chocolate is made with better ingredients, usually the highest quality cocoa beans that may be harder to procure. When it comes to premium or luxury chocolate bars, what you’re paying for isn’t just the taste of the flavour but the quality ingredients and the time taken in making them by hand.

Go On, Treat Yourself!

Here at Mr Popple’s Chocolate, we pride ourselves on our ability to create high quality chocolate bars using vegan, organic and fairly traded ingredients. With every bar we make, we strive to meet the highest of standards so that we can deliver premium and tasty chocolates straight to you!

We’re crazy about creating premium luxury chocolate without the unethical aftertaste.

Explore our range of premium chocolates today at mrpoppleschocolate.co.ukTreat yourself!

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