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Don’t Pay The Price For Choosing Cheaper Chocolate!

You may be thinking, “why should I pay more for chocolate?” Admittedly, artisanal and gourmet chocolates aren’t cheap. And we don’t want them to be! These high quality chocolate bars take time and dedication to make. They require skill and passion from the people who produce them. Our Peruvian chocolate bars are handcrafted with the best ingredients and made with YOU in mind.

If you were to buy a pair of shoes, there is an understanding that cheaper shoes aren’t going to be as comfy, well-made or beneficial. This mindset is also important when it comes to chocolate.

You can buy cheaper chocolate and have a short buzz that perhaps doesn’t taste as good. Or, you can invest in a chocolate that will be more beneficial to your body, as well as providing you with a more enjoyable taste experience.Don’t end up in a sugar slump, energise your body with the power of raw cacao!

Why are our Peruvian chocolates pricier?

Peru is famous for its cacao plantations which means we have access to some of the finest cocoa beans around. We use a heritage bean called Criollo Cacao, that we ethically source, and make sure its organically grown, and that our farmers are paid fairly. We want every bar of chocolate from Mr Popple’s Chocolate to meet your expectations so we’ll take whatever measures necessary to guarantee this!

Expensive? Or A Tasty Investment

Artisans need to work with the highest quality ingredients available for them to produce their finest products. This high quality product doesn’t come cheap because these items require extra attention and dedication from multiple people involved in its creation process. Not only that but our gourmet Peruvian chocolate bars also have no artificial additives or preservatives; their organic status makes them better for your body!

Artisan chocolates also need a lot of time and love to create, not like chocolate bars made in large factories where they make thousands every day. Artisanal chocolate is more expensive because it takes much longer to make and involves many different people’s help along the way; we want our artisan Peruvian chocolate bars to be as fresh as possible for you!

Why does any of this even matter?

It matters because you deserve nothing less than the very best! Gourmet chocolate bars have been around for centuries. They’ve been fine-tuned over time to be the most delicious they can possibly be. Artisan creators wouldn’t spend so much of their time on a product unless it was worth it – that’s why we don’t settle for anything less than perfection when making our chocolate bars at Mr Popple’s Chocolate!

There is nothing more important to us than your happiness which is why all of our artisan chocolates are made with love from beginning to end. If you get your hands on one of our bars you’ll know right away how special each one really is, this is because there will always be something different about them compared to other brands out there.

Artistry comes through in every piece – making each bar unique and special to its maker while still upholding a standard of quality that ensures the consumer’s satisfaction. Here at Mr Popple’s Chocolate we understand that not all cocoa is created equal. Good chocolate makers will always choose quality over quantity!

Check out our range of organic gourmet chocolate bars at mrpoppleschhttps://mrpoppleschocolate.co.uk/product-category/organic-raw-vegan-chocolate-bars/ocolate.co.uk

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